OcelotBOT Commands

1984 Meme!1984 <input>
Magic 8-ball!8ball <question>
Wise Advice!advice
Artificial Intelligence!ai <message>
Am I The Asshole?!aita <question>
Apex Stats!apex ["xbl"/"ps"/"pc"] <player>
User Avatar!avatar [@user]
B-ify!b [image]
Band Name Generator!bandname
User Banner!banner [@user]
Barcode Generator!barcode <code>
So Sad Meme!beatmywife [image]
Bernie Meme!bernie <input>
Big Text Generator!bigtext <text>
Brazzers!brazzers [image]
Bulge Image!bulge [image]
Calculator!calc <sum>
Change My Mind Meme!changemymind <text>
Chess!chess ["start"/"resign"/"accept"/"notation"] [@user] [move]
Chinese Text!chinese <text>
Christmas Countdown!xmas
Clap Text!clap <text>
Colour Code!colour <code>
Command Count!commandcount
Compliment!compliment <person>
Crop Image!crop [image]
Crush!crush [image]
Curse Image!curse [image]
Deepfry!deepfry [image]
Dictionary Lookup!define <term>
Urban Dictionary!defineud <term>
Ask Delphi!delphi <question>
Dictator Meme!dictator [image]
Doot Doot!doot [integer]
Edgy Text!edgy <text>
Emoji Search!emoji <term>
This is epic meme!epic [image]
Error Message Generator!error <message>
Expand!expand <word>
Red Eyes!eyes [image]
Face Recognition!face [image]
Leave Feedback!feedback <message>
Fire Text Generator!firetext <text>
Coin Flip!flip [integer]
Fortnite Stats!fortnite ["xbl"/"psn"/"pc"] <player>
Friendship ended with!friendship <@user1> <@user2>
Full of!fullof [@user] [item]
Halloween Countdown!halloween
Handicapped Meme!handicap <text>
Harry Potter Text Generator!potter <text>
Help Command!help [command]
Ice Text Generator!icetext <text>
Identify Image!identify [image]
Google Image Search!image <text>
Imitate User!imitate <@user> <message>
Implode Image!implode [image]
Inspriational Quote!inspiration
Insult Generator!insult <person>
Bot Invite Link!invite
IP Info!ipinfo <ip>
Jesus Meme!jesus <text>
JPEG-ify!jpeg [image]
Available Languages!lang ["contribute"] [option]
Random Lewd Image!lewd
Lisa Meme!lisa <input>
Love Text Generator!lovetext <text>
Image Macro!imagemacro [image] [text]
Mafia Boss!mafia <@user1> <@user2>
Maxi Code Generator!maxi <text>
Mirror Image!mirror [image]
Monochrome Image!monochrome
Random Neko Image!neko
New Nickname Generator!newnick
Noot Noot!noot [integer]
Random 0 views Twitch stream!noviews
Number Fact!numberfact <integer>
OCR!ocr [image]
Opinion on!opinion <person>
Strong Opinions Meme!opinions <text>
Overlay Images!overlay [image1] [image2]
Oil Painting!paint [image]
Ping Address!ping <address>
Pinocchio Meme!pinocchio <text>
Portrait Image!portrait [image]
Ocelot Premium!premium [key]
QR Code Generator!qr <text>
Rainbow Image!rainbow [image]
Rate!rate [thing]
Reddit Browser!reddit <subreddit>
Remove Background!removebg [image]
Ronald Says!ronald <text>
Rotate Image!rotate [integer] [image]
Screenshot Website!screenshot <url>
Shake Image!shake [integer] [image]
Sharpen Image!sharpen [image]
Ship Generator!ship <users>
Shorten URL!shorten <url>
Shy Meme!shy <text>
Snapchat Text!snapchat <image> [text]
Snapcode Generator!snapcode <username>
We live in a society meme!society [image]
Spell with Reactions!spell <message>
Spoilerise Text!spoiler <text>
Spongebob!spongebob [text]
Spread Image!spread [image]
Steal Emoji!esteal [image] [name]
Suggest a command!suggest
Swirl Image!swirl [image]
TF2 Server Info!tf2 <address>
Tic Tac Toe!tictactoe <@user>
Time!time [timezone]
Toxicity Checker!toxicity [text]
Trade Offer!tradeoffer <input>
Trim Image!trim [image]
Trump Tweet!trumptweet <text>
Unshorten URL!unshorten <url>
User Info!user [@user]
User Stats!userstats [@user]
Vote For OcelotBOT!vote
Wave Image!wave [image]
Weather!weather <place>
Wikipedia Search!wiki <term>
Would You Rather?!wouldyourather
Yea Meme!yea <input>
Zalgo Text!zalgo <text>
Zoom Image!zoom [image]
Birthdays List!birthdays [@user] [command]
Countdowns!countdown [command]
Custom Functions!custom [command]
Meme Storage!meme [command]
Music Streaming!music [command]
Points!points [command]
Poll!poll <command> [options]
Privacy!privacy [command]
User Profile!profile [@user] [command]
Reminders!remind [command] [args]
Bot Settings!settings [command]
Guess The Song!guess [command] [playlist]
Spook!spook [@user] [command]
Trivia!trivia [integer] [command]