How to play music

OcelotBOT allows users to play music in Discord voice channels.

First, invite OcelotBOT to your Discord server

To view all music commands, type !m help.

NOTE: !music can also be used in place of !m

How to queue songs:

!m q <search term or youtube url or playlist> OR !m queue <URL/term/playlist>

This command requires the user to specify a search term, youtube URL or a playlist to add to the queue.

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    Big P

    !m q https

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    ✅ Adding Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up to the queue.

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    !m q https

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    ✅ Adding 25 songs from My Mix to the queue.

How to skip songs:

!m skip In order to skip a song, at least 50% of users in the specified voice channel must also use !m skip Admin permissions within the server do not override this.

!m seek <number of seconds> jumps to the length of the song specified.

How to view the current queue:

!m lq shows the queue of songs, and their position in the queue.

!m nowplaying shows the currently playing song.

How to remove items from the current queue:

!m remove <number in queue> removes an item from the queue.

To find the song position number, use !m lq

!m clearqueue removes all items in the queue.

Basic Commands

!m leave disconnects the bot from the voice channel. !m pause pauses the song at the current position. !m resume plays the song at the position it was paused in.

Toggle AutoDJ

!m autodj toggles AutoDJ Songs will be played automatically until a song is queued or everyone leaves.